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New Simrad® Integration Partners

Smart integration is at the core of Simrad® displays, enhancing your on-water experience by consolidating control over all your onboard components. To continually elevate our systems, we're excited to introduce several new third-party partners to the Simrad® integration network.

Bob's Machine


In today's era of sleek, streamlined dashboards where MFDs take center stage, the ability to view your jack plate's height on-screen without the need for a separate gauge is a game-changer. Leveraging our existing instrument app and data bar/overlay data, they’ve introduced a new-generation feature that allows you to monitor and control jack plate height directly through your MFD.

IRIS Camera


CMAC by Iris Innovations is your go-to Camera Management and Control system for boats, featuring various SKUs to suit your needs. This system acts as the central hub for on-board cameras, seamlessly integrating them with your chart-plotter network via two network adapters.


Control is streamlined through the MFD via the IrisControl App. You can manage a range of camera types, from static to pan-tilt-zoom and night vision, making your navigation and surveillance tasks a breeze.


Whether you're viewing, switching, or controlling cameras, CMAC offers an intuitive solution. For models with integrated recording, there's a built-in 'anti-vibration' hard disk drive caddy, and all CMAC models enable access to your on-board cameras over a network, providing convenience both on and off the boat.

Marlin Technologies


Crafts premium custom electronic control solutions for OEMs in rugged applications. In the marine sector, their versatile keypad solutions, digital switching systems, and cutting-edge tech elevate user experiences while minimizing potential failures. They utilize IP67 sealed components, CAN bus connections, and smart design to streamline wiring, reducing labor compared to traditional setups.


And with their 2023 innovation, the MFD Gateway, seamlessly links Simrad's Multi-Function Displays to the Marlin digital switcher system for direct electronic control. Marlin Marine offers comprehensive training and support from prototype to production, ensuring every component aligns perfectly with the builder's vision.



Introducing the S-Link™ Display Interface (SDI-1), which seamlessly integrates with compatible Simrad MFDs to provide monitoring and configuration capabilities for Sleipner (also known as Side-Power) thruster and stabilizer systems. With the SDI-1, you can activate stabilizers, adjust gain, monitor thruster operations, and more. Please note that one Sleipner control panel is required for a complete setup.



Established by ex-Israeli naval officers with keen insights, WATCHIT pioneers a cutting-edge ‘smart early warning system.’ This remarkable safety solution fuses advanced algorithms with the wealth of experience possessed by seasoned captains and naval commanders.

The ingenuity behind WATCHIT's safety system lies in its capacity to eradicate human errors. It seamlessly harmonizes with a vessel's onboard existing sensors, offering timely alerts for the paramount concerns during sea journeys - vessel grounding and collision.

WATCHIT aspires to redefine the benchmark for recreational boating safety, with a mission to curtail vessel and environmental harm while, above all, safeguarding lives.


With these exciting new integrations, Simrad® continues to enhance your on-water experience, bringing convenience and control to your fingertips.