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PDRT-WBL 83/200 kHz Shoot Thru Skimmer c/w Temp

SKU: 000-0106-89

The PDRT-WBL is a plastic, in-hull Broadband transducer, ideal for smaller outboards and I/O vessels up to 8 m (25 ft) in length, in depths of less than 300 m (1000 ft).

Product details

Dual Frequency
The dual-frequency PDRT-WBL includes a single ceramic element delivering both 83 kHz with a 52° beam width, and 200 kHz with a 22° beam width. 83 kHz low-frequency operation offers a maximum operational depth of 300 m (1000 ft), while 200 kHz high-frequency provides higher-resolution fish arches and bottom detail in shallower water.

One sensor does it all. Able to measure both depth and temperature in a single package, the PDRT-WBL simplifies installation and requires just one connection to your echosounder module or multifunction display.

With plastic housing, the PDRT-WBL is suitable for in-hull mounting in fiberglass hulls. In-hull or “shoot-thru-hull” transducers don’t require a hole to be drilled in your boat’s hull for installation, and offer good high-speed performance and ease of maintenance, but reduced maximum depth and fishfinding performance versus thru-hull, transom, or other in-water installations.

Key Features

  • 83 kHz with 52° beam width
  • 200 kHz with 22° beam width
  • Up to 300 m (1000 ft) range at 83 kHz
  • 1 internal broadband ceramic
  • In-hull ‘pod style’ with plastic housing and remote temperature sensor
  • Suitable for fiberglass hulls
  • Ideal for outboards and I/O vessels up to 8 m (25 ft) in length
  • Recommended for use with the SonarHub sounder module, Simrad NSS evo2 & NSS sport multifunction displays