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Large Flybridge

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Echosounder echo-S5100@2x.png A high-performance CHIRP sonar module delivering simultaneous coverage at multiple depth ranges
Audio Integration audio@2x.png Stream music, playback video or connect to 3rd party partners using industry-standard connectivity
C-MAP® cmap@2x.png Detailed coverage in multiple formats to help you fish wherever you are in the world
Helm Station helm@2x.png Best-ever processing power, fast networking and connectivity unlocks a range of user capabilities
Radar radar@2x.png Navigate safely, keep an eye on the weather, and find flocks of birds that mark the best waters to fish
VHF vhf@2x.png Advanced feature, modular and configurable system with an integrated Class B AIS transceiver
Vessel Integration Extensive monitoring and control of engine systems and other vital on-board services
Autopilot 836b2a84894928b081a2bf996efb1fcc@2x.png Extended keypad and large dial to follow patterns or straight lines when fishing
Transducer trans@2x.png 3 kW Chirp at both Lo/Hi frequencies, for extreme detail and resolution down to 3,000m (10,000')

Whatever your activity, we have the ideal setup for you


Customisable Simrad® technology lets you create the perfect sportfishing system. Whether you’re drifting over deep-sea spots or trawling for big game, there’s a variety of technology solutions that will help you see more and target better: our SolarMAX™ IPS high-definition displays and multi-touch technology, delivering the perfect hybrid of touchscreen and conventional all-weather controls; an extensive range of Simrad® modules and accessories to expand your system - advanced charting, sonar and radio technology, legendary HALO® Radar for increased situational awareness or as a powerful bird-finder, and automated control with fully integrated Simrad® autopilots.

With multi-display systems linking all your onboard electronics and real-time data at your fingertips, we have the right technology for you.


Monitor and Control Every Aspect of Your Vessel


Our flagship NSOevo3S™ and NSSevo3S™ MFDs come with our best-ever processing power, fast networking and connectivity to unlock a range of user capabilities. Like 1kW CHIRP-enabled sonar and dual transducer ports for connecting multiple transducers to a single display. SolarMAX™ IPS high-definition displays for clear views under any lighting condition and ultra-wide viewing angles. Split-screen layouts allow you to see more than ever with up to six panels displayed simultaneously. Experience the latest C-MAP® charts such as Reveal ™ (improved reef and ledge structure for the best fishing spots) and Discover™ with High-Resolution Bathymetry. Mirror displays to compatible smartphones and tablets, and use the Simrad® App to access charts, save waypoints and much more on- and off-the-water.


Also compatible with a wide range of other charting providers, including Navionics®, CMOR and Florida Marine Tracks (US).

Locate Feeding Flocks of Birds and Monitor Weather from Miles Away


See near and far simultaneously (up to 72nm) without compromising quality at either range. Use smart modes - harbour, offshore, weather and bird modes - for advanced performance. Keep watch on distant storm cells in Weather mode and use dedicated Bird mode as a powerful bird-finder, a must-have tool for sportfishing. Highlight approaching targets with VelocityTrack™ Doppler motion-tracking. Be ready instantly with low-power standby, while smart modes require no manual tuning, just set the mode and go.

State-Of-The-Art Fish-Finding Capabilities


The S5100 is a high-performance CHIRP sonar module features three independent channels, delivering simultaneous coverage at multiple depth ranges - see clear to the bottom with no mid-water noise. Mix and match wide and narrow transducer beam widths to reveal more fish, or adjust CHIRP frequencies to select High/Medium/Low depths. The R509LH-W 3 kW Broadband Chirp Transducer is designed for use with the S5100. Operating at Low (28-60 kHz) and High (150-250 kHz) frequencies, this transducer delivers extreme target detail and resolution at all depths down to 3,000m (10,000’).

More Control to Keep You in the Game


The AP™ 48 autopilot controller offers a 170-degree viewing angle with an extended keypad for superior functionality. Invaluable for tracking depth contours and maintaining straight lines or following S-shape patterns when trolling. Our Autopilots accommodate hydraulic, mechanical and power assisted stern drive systems with a broad range of drive units to match almost any type of steering system.


Need more guidance? Our Autopilot Buyers Guide will help you through the process of selecting the right system for your vessel.


Download buyers guide 

Keep the Tunes Flowing Out on the Water


The SonicHub® 2 system features Bluetooth® connectivity to stream music from smartphones and tablets, built-in AM/FM radio, music and video playback from USB drives, and SiriusXM® satellite radio support*. Or connect to a variety of 3rd party partners using industry-standard connectivity.


*US only, requires WM-4 module

Monitor and Control All Key Boat Processes


Integrate all your on-board electronics with vessel-wide monitoring, digital switching and control capabilities. Control systems such as navigation lights, bilge pumps, engine data (NMEA 2000® compatible for real-time data such as fuel flow, engine temperature, RPM and battery voltage), and other vital on board services.

Exclusive C‑MAP® DISCOVER™ and REVEAL™ Charts with Views Like Never Before


Using precision data from multiple sources, C-MAP is our preferred partner for charting. The DISCOVER charts offer a choice of coverages and includes all the core features, while REVEAL charts display the very best of C-MAP with improved reef and ledge structure to identify the best fishing spots. DISCOVER has the very best of C-MAP High-Res Bathymetry, for the clearest views of wrecks and reefs along with full-featured Vector Charts, Tides & Currents and Subscription-Free Easy Routing™. Custom Depth Shading makes it easy to distinguish different water depths. Adding to these core features, REVEAL offers Shaded Relief, including game-changing Ultra-High-Res Seafloor Imagery unique to REVEAL, Aerial Photography, Satellite Overlay and Dynamic Raster Chart presentation for a traditional paper chart look and feel.

Hear, Be Heard & Seen With The Latest In VHF Radio


More than a radio, the RS100-B also functions as a hailer, foghorn, and on-board intercom. Features Track buddy (automatic tracking of other radios using their VHF MMSI) and an integrated Class-B AIS transceiver to aid collision avoidance in busy waterways. Class D DSC functionality, enabling rapid transmission of distress calls, and a built-in GPS receiver. Includes NMEA 0183® and NMEA 2000® connectivity. The system supports up to eight handsets (four wired and four wireless) and four external speakers for vessel-wide communications.


Best-ever processing power, fast networking and connectivity to unlock a range of user capabilities.


Our flagship system delivering state-of-the-art multi-functionality with superfast networking and connectivity.