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Our Story - 75 Years of Innovation


SOG versus STW

Why doesn't my satellite navigation speed match my boat's log speed? A good question with more than one answer.

Understanding Sonar

Sonar plays an invaluable role on your boat to let you 'see' beneath the water's surface. The term 'sonar' is an acronym for...



97% of the earth’s water is in our oceans, and our oceans are in significant danger - seagrass is declining, coral is dying, and harmful algae…

Cantieri Nautici Vizianello

Simrad Yachting and Venetian-boat builder Cantieri Nautici Vizianello have collaborated on innovation to create a new generation of water taxi that promises to revolutionise transport in the city of Venice...


Center Consoles Only

With Center Consoles Only (CCO), you get what it says on the tin – the team running it lives and breathes center console boats...

Zipwake and WhisperPower

Smart integration is what makes Simrad® displays so powerful. The ability to monitor and control all your on-board components in one place...

IRON Boats

IRON boats defy conventional description thanks to their innovative use of a rigid RIB-like collar...

News and Videos