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Expand your horizons

Introducing the world's first fully-featured ultrawide marine display. Get all the benefits of dual screens on a single display for our most immersive experience yet. Welcome to the future of marine displays. Why settle for anything less?

Immerse yourself

NSX ULTRAWIDE offers the same active area as two smaller displays, but in terms of functionality it offers so much more. The result is our most streamlined, most immersive boating experience yet.


Everything in one place

Get all the benefits of dual screens without the hassle of moving between units.

Uninterrupted boating

For the first time, see apps as they were meant to be seen – uninterrupted by bezels or dead space.

Perfect split screens

Experience perfectly optimized splits, unlocking more data, more controls, more possibilities.

dashboad-parallax-7.jpg dashboard-parallax-mobile-3.jpg

Show-stopping dashboards

There’s nothing else like NSX ULTRAWIDE - creating eye-catching, low-profile dashboards that stand out instantly. The unique ultrawide display is built to be simpler, cleaner, and more elegant than anything else in the marina.

The cutting-edge aspect ratio is also the perfect place to explore our latest operating system. A simplified presentation delivers game-changing ease of use, with streamlined menus and fully customizable panels.

create-your-own-screens_new_ICON copy2.jpg

Create your own screens

Get instant control over the way your screens look, re-sizing and re-organizing with drag-and-drop.


Customizable instruments panel

Make NSX ULTRAWIDE your own, displaying the data you need, when you need it.

activities-bar3 copy.jpg

Useful activities bar

Pin your favorite apps and switch between them with a single touch.

Double the immersion_new.jpg

Double the immersion

Combine multiple ultrawide displays to double-up the immersive helm experience. Ideal for sonar sharing across NSX devices.

charts-parallax.jpg charts-parallax-mobile.jpg

The ultimate charting

Charts never looked as good as they do on NSX ULTRAWIDE. The bundled C-MAP DISCOVER™ X charts for North America and Canada are optimized specifically for NSX. The ultrawide display’s high pixel density shows super–sharp resolution like never before – letting you appreciate unprecedented levels of detail.

An upgrade to the stunning REVEAL™ X adds Satellite Imagery and incredible Shaded Relief for 3D floor views on par with the best in the industry – a true game-changer for anglers and divers.


C-MAP Safety Alerts

Unlock revolutionary C-MAP Safety Alerts – built to automatically alert you to hazards up ahead, from shallow waters to buoys.


X-Chart Manager

In an industry first, NSX ULTRAWIDE lets you manage C-MAP chart updates and upgrades directly from your device, with the ability to choose custom areas for a near-instant download.


Constant updates

C-MAP's X-Gen charts are always evolving, adding new details and eatures all the time.


Flexible charting

NSX ULTRAWIDE is also compatible with CMOR Mapping, Florida Marine Tracks, StrikeLines, Standard Mapping, and more.



NSX is always evolving, bringing brand new features and integrations with every software update.


Unlock smarter fishing

Get compatibility with many 1kW transducers, and leading sonar tech like FishReveal™ and Active Imaging®. Plus see high-res bathymetry and contour lines down to a 1-foot level of detail.


Superior integration

Connectivity sits at the heart of NSX. Get seamless integration with the full Simrad suite and a whole host of third party tech, from CZone® digital switching to RGBW lighting, audio, and beyond.


Class-leading engine control

Nobody connects with Mercury® better than we do. Get best-in-class integration with SmartCraft Connect, and outstanding compatibility with other leading propulsion brands like Honda and Suzuki.


3x faster autorouting*

Our fastest ever autorouting gets you where you want to be quicker than ever, with safety-conscious routes tailored to your vessel.



Dedicated night mode

Navigate safely around the clock and in any conditions with the enhanced night mode.


Plan anywhere, anytime

The Simrad® Companion App lets you plan adventures from anywhere. Explore charts, back-up waypoints, and manage updates – all from your mobile or tablet.

Innovative screen sizes

The unique aspect ratio on NSX ULTRAWIDE creates additional screen real estate and allows boaters to get creative with their dash designs.

Choose from 12” and 15” SolarMAX IPS displays – viewable from all angles, even with polarized sunglasses.


Frequently asked questions

What boat type is Simrad NSX ULTRAWIDE most suited to?

Simrad NSX ULTRAWIDE is a versatile chartplotter and fishfinder, best suited for a variety of boats, including pontoons, surf and wake boats, cruisers, smaller center consoles, and RIBs. Its networking capabilities also make it ideal for light fishing, cruising, and wakeboarding.

How does the Simrad Companion App integrate with NSX ULTRAWIDE?

Seamlessly. The Simrad Companion App lets you take your on-the-water experience home with you, providing the same top-notch charting you get on your NSX so you can plan adventures from anywhere.


Then, when you’re back on-board, sync waypoints and routes with your NSX for a true 360 experience.

Which transducers are compatible with NSX ULTRAWIDE?

Get the most out of your Simrad NSX ULTRAWIDE with our wide range of compatible transducers, including:


  • Active Imaging™ transducers

  • xSonic 600w transducers

  • xSonic 1Kw transducers

Can you change the orientation of the NSX ULTRAWIDE?

NSX ULTRAWIDE is built and optimized for horizontal, landscape viewing. As such it will not adjust to a portrait vertical viewing layout if mounted vertically.

What are the installation options for NSX ULTRAWIDE?

NSX ULTRAWIDE looks its best when flush-mounted into the dash for a truly premium look and feel. Bracket mounts are also available where required (bracket mount accessory sold separately).