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Precision-9 Compass

SKU: 000-12607-001

The Precision-9 Compass supplies accurate heading and rate-of-turn information, based on an internal array of solid-state sensors that measure motion and orientation on nine axes. An easily adjustable mounting bracket and NMEA 2000® connectivity enable simple installation aboard any boat, including an up-mast mounting option for steel-hulled vessels.

Product details

Heading Sensor with Rate Of Turn
This compact sensor package provides heading, rate of turn, pitch and roll data to equipment connected over an industry-standard NMEA 2000® network. More than just a compass, the Precision-9 is an ideal source of heading and motion data for Simrad autopilots, radar systems, multifunction displays, and other systems.

Solid-State Sensor Technology
The Precision-9 measures motion on nine separate axes in order to calculate the most accurate heading and rate-of-turn information possible. Its sophisticated solid-state design avoids many common limitations of conventional fluxgate electronic compasses, and delivers heading accuracy of ±2 degrees after calibration.

Mount Almost Anywhere
An easily adjustable mounting bracket allows the Precision-9 to be installed on any vessel, in almost any location. The Precision-9 may also be mounted directly to any flat surface and, with an IPX7 waterproof rating, external up-mast installation is possible on steel hulled vessels to avoid magnetic interference.

Key Features

  • Measures heading, rate of turn, pitch and roll
  • Accurate and reliable solid-state sensor technology
  • Heading accuracy of ±2° after calibration
  • Easily adjustable mounting bracket allows bulkhead or up-mast installation
  • IPX7 waterproof to suit up-mast mounting on steel-hulled vessels
  • NMEA 2000® connectivity

What's in the box?

  • N2K-T-RD Network T-Connector
  • N2KEXT-15RD 15ft Network Extension Cable


Compass Safe
500mm (1,7")
Dimensions W x H x D
36 x 119 x 119mm (1,42 x 4,69 x 4,69")
Mounting Type
Bracket, Bulkhead
0,165kg + 0,130kg(bracket)
Power Consumption max
0,4W (N2K Load 1 len)
Supply Voltage
12V DC (8-16V DC) via NMEA2000
Operating Temperature Range
-25 to + 65ºC (-13 to + 149ºF)
Storage Temperature Range
-30 to + 70ºC (-22 to + 158ºF)
127250, 127251, 127257, 127252
NMEA 2000 Connectivity
1x NMEA 2000 Micro-C port, 1 LEN
Approvals Compliance
CE under EMC directive 2014/30/EU
Heading Sensor Accuracy
+/-2deg. After calibration
Heading Sensor Data Available
Magnetic heading, rate of turn, pitch/roll, heave
Sensor Type
Solid state, rate stabilized
Warranty Period
2 Years

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